What is IJM?

Modern day slavery is NOT far from Home
• There are 27 Million slaves in the world today.
• 14,500 are trafficked into the USA. ( Not including trafficking within the States)
• Human Trafficking, both sex and labor slavery, is the second largest criminal industry as well as the fastest growing.
• More people are enslaved now then throughout the span of time the trans-Atlantic slave trade was active, that was between the 16th and 19th centuries.
• U.S cities majorly involved in sex trafficking: Atlanta, St. Louis, and Toledo.
• The super bowl is said to be the largest sex trafficking event in the U.S.

About International Justice Mission
• IJM is human rights agency that brings rescue to human trafficking victims, both labor and sex slavery.
• 14 field offices in Africa, Latin America, and Asia—where victims are mostly trafficked from.
• The organization Is made up of lawyers, social workers, and investigators who work to free and rehabilitate those enslaved.
• Over 1000 women have been freed from commercial sex trade because of God working through IJM.

Ray of Hope

Support Keith and the team financially and in prayer as they ride the freedom trail to raise money for IJM
PRAY for God to rescue those who are victims of human trafficking
GET INVOLVED with IJM in other ways: visit www.ijm.org
BE AWARE of human trafficking globally and locally

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