We start tomorrow! I have about 20 minutes until we leave on one of our 2 training rides, so i’m going to make this short! I just wanted to post a picture our team took yesterday at the museum! Can’t wait to share more about our adventure later tonight!

Again thanks to all those who donated, came to check out my fundraising events, or took part in sharing the stories of those entrapped and suffering in this world. Image


Hey ya’ll!

So first things first, havent posted in a while, but im already in Cincinnati!!! 

  To catch you up,

          (fun)draising: At this point in time I have raised $2,888.00!!!!!! which is awesome, because last week I only had $1500 raised and in the matter of a week and a half $1,388 came in. A huge thank you to everyone who donated! ya’ll are the best!!

Secondly: I left Chicago only 24 hours ago and so far this trip has been pretty awesome!

Thridly: The church we’re staying at before we ride out on monday is some kind of old banquet/resort facility thing which means theres chandeliers, an old run down lazy river, 2 count em 2! disco balls!!! (one in the lobby and the second inside the sanctuary!

I’m hoping to have some pictures up soon! 

-Keef  7/12/2012 


Hey guys!

  I just wanted to update ya’ll on a couple things:

        1. The Bike B-Que went better than we could ever imagined, a big thank you to all who came out!!!

        2. I’m currently $300 shy of half way and I’m so excited to see the ways in which these remaining funds will be provided. 

        3. Thank you so much to all who have helped out so far, its been an amazing journey and I’ve never felt more generosity or love than I have these past months, ya’ll are wonderful!!!

       4. there are only 43 days till my trip!!!!!! also, a couple people have been added to our team for the tour bringing our tour to a staggering number of 28 people!

     and lastly, We have awesome spoke cards for sale, we are selling them for $7 a piece and all proceeds go straight to the tour! If you would like one for your bike let me know!

My best,




Hey guys!! big things happening, 64 more days till tour, 1/3 of the way to my fundraising goal and plenty of new things coming so soon! Check it out.

Just another cycling weekend

This weekend I had the awesome opportunity to ride with a group of guys and girls at Lake Geneva Wi.  Four of us from Chicago all drove up to meet up with our friend Erik who has been on venture tours prior along with three other guys Erik invited from the area.  

It was a wonderful day for cycling, even though the hills were a little steep and I ended up bringing my single speed it made for a great day. After the ride we went to Erik’s host families house and ate a delicious meal, and wondered down to downtown Woodstock IL. where Groundhog day the movie was shot!!  It was such a great chance to get a glimpse of what tour life is going to be like as well as being an awesome opportunity to ride with other cyclists.

Still pushing forward with fundraising, hoping to get some dates set for the events I have coming up. To get the latest news on my events, fundraising, or training feel free to visit the blog and follow me on twitter! @keithcycles2012 

thanks guys,

-Keith Crawford


Its only 98 more days till the trip and my excitement is still climbing! I’m still really excited for the journey as well as the people I continually get to meet and share my passion for Ijm, venture, and modern slavery! I should probably get back to class now, thanks guys!!!


Hey Guys!

I have some amazing news! I’m just $30 short of my first fundraising benchmark! Thank you to all who donated, I could not be more proud to be supported by such awesome people! I’m so excited to be sharing this journey with these people in hopes to end modern day slavery. I have some awesome fundraising events coming up, and once all the details are in order I’ll have more information.  

     Also! I may finally have a bike to train on that will help me get used to riding with gears as well as a proper touring geometry that fits me really well, all thanks to Mr. Terry Bunch!

well, I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying your weekend!