About Keith & the IJM tour

Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless  plead the case of the widow.- Isaiah 1:17

The Ride- Cincinnati, OH to Washington D.C.

Through Venture Expeditions, Keith and the team will be riding from The Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati,OH to the Lincoln Memorial  in Washington D.C.

The expedition will begin on Thursday, July 12 and end on Monday, July 23. For the first few days the team will do some pre-trip training together, to build on the training they will have been doing for the past couple of months. Then the tour will officially begin, with the team cycling the Freedom Trail; the route travelers took to see Martin Luther King Jr,. speak in D.C.. Keith and the team will travel, by bike, about 500 miles for six days stopping at churches and community groups to raise funds and awareness to end modern day slavery and sharing God’s saving grace with all they encounter.

About Keith

Hi! My name is Keith Crawford and I’m a college student living in the amazing city of Chicago, IL!  Currently, Im studying live and installed sound as well as arts management at Columbia College Chicago. I’m truly blessed with an amazing group of friends and a community that challenges me daily in my faith.

Now you may ask, Why this tour? Well, for the six months leading up to the point were I applied for the IJM tour I really felt as though God was working on my heart , gifting me with alot of wisdom and grace. I spent these six months continually learning about God’s character and focusing on being completely dependent on him in ways that I had never before. Than a month before I found out about the tour, I remember feeling as though I was ready to step out in my faith and take a risk for Gods glory. Though at that point I had no clue what that step was going to be. But God had a plan because soon after that point,  I learned about the  IJM tour from my girlfriend. She happened to mention it to me casually,  knowing how much I loved cycling and how passionate I was about the cause. I knew instantly that the tour was an opportunity God was giving me to join in with on his work of renewing the world he created.

Through doing research,learning more about modern day slavery, and hearing stories of survivors, it has really broken my heart for what God’s recovery plan is to the problem of human trafficking. There are so many positive and amazing aspects of this journey whether it be the challenge of riding, the connection with my team members, or Jesus’ work in my own life through this. Yet none of these compare to the work IJM will do with the finances we raise and the awareness we bring to those we meet. I’m excited to see what the next months will bring as I prepare for the journey God has planned for me!