Listen, Speak ,ride.

hey again!

So we got back from our training ride today, one of our riders got a little dehydrated but other than that it went awesome! Hit a couple of hills, ended up meeting up with one of the leaders of a Cincinnati cycling club as well as riding by the infamous Goody shop (awesome ice cream joint in forest hills Oh. ) But the coolest thing happened when we saw a car in the road with a dead battery and we all as a team jumped out of the van to push their car into the parking lot, which I feel is what this community is about!

 Secondly, we start tomorrow! Its crazy to know that the day and trip that I’ve been planning for, training for, and have sacrificed for,as well as asking others to join into this sacrifice with me, is in just a couple hours. Its amazing to see how much ive changed in these past months and even the past days, and im even more ready to see the ways in which this trip will change my life. 

With tomorrow coming ive  felt like Gods been reminding me of three words going into this trip and those are Listen, speak,ride . Basically the four things i have to do this trip in order of importance. 

  • Listen: to god, and those around me as they tell their story and God reveals to me things within my own heart that I’ve never noticed. 
  • Speak: To speak of why we’re riding, and the injustice that of this world. To share as much that I can about slavery, and IJM’s work to end slavery.
  • Ride: Lastly, and the least important (seems kinda backwards huh?) is to ride my bike in order to maintain a platform and action in which to share the stories of injustice in this world. As free people Jesus calls us to sacrifice for those who have yet received the blessings of Freedom.
“If your not safe, nothing else matters” -Gary Haugen (founder of IJM) 

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