Hey ya’ll!

So first things first, havent posted in a while, but im already in Cincinnati!!! 

  To catch you up,

          (fun)draising: At this point in time I have raised $2,888.00!!!!!! which is awesome, because last week I only had $1500 raised and in the matter of a week and a half $1,388 came in. A huge thank you to everyone who donated! ya’ll are the best!!

Secondly: I left Chicago only 24 hours ago and so far this trip has been pretty awesome!

Thridly: The church we’re staying at before we ride out on monday is some kind of old banquet/resort facility thing which means theres chandeliers, an old run down lazy river, 2 count em 2! disco balls!!! (one in the lobby and the second inside the sanctuary!

I’m hoping to have some pictures up soon! 

-Keef  7/12/2012 


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