Monthly Archives: May 2012


Hey guys!

  I just wanted to update ya’ll on a couple things:

        1. The Bike B-Que went better than we could ever imagined, a big thank you to all who came out!!!

        2. I’m currently $300 shy of half way and I’m so excited to see the ways in which these remaining funds will be provided. 

        3. Thank you so much to all who have helped out so far, its been an amazing journey and I’ve never felt more generosity or love than I have these past months, ya’ll are wonderful!!!

       4. there are only 43 days till my trip!!!!!! also, a couple people have been added to our team for the tour bringing our tour to a staggering number of 28 people!

     and lastly, We have awesome spoke cards for sale, we are selling them for $7 a piece and all proceeds go straight to the tour! If you would like one for your bike let me know!

My best,




Hey guys!! big things happening, 64 more days till tour, 1/3 of the way to my fundraising goal and plenty of new things coming so soon! Check it out.