Just another cycling weekend

This weekend I had the awesome opportunity to ride with a group of guys and girls at Lake Geneva Wi.  Four of us from Chicago all drove up to meet up with our friend Erik who has been on venture tours prior along with three other guys Erik invited from the area.  

It was a wonderful day for cycling, even though the hills were a little steep and I ended up bringing my single speed it made for a great day. After the ride we went to Erik’s host families house and ate a delicious meal, and wondered down to downtown Woodstock IL. where Groundhog day the movie was shot!!  It was such a great chance to get a glimpse of what tour life is going to be like as well as being an awesome opportunity to ride with other cyclists.

Still pushing forward with fundraising, hoping to get some dates set for the events I have coming up. To get the latest news on my events, fundraising, or training feel free to visit the blog and follow me on twitter! @keithcycles2012 

thanks guys,

-Keith Crawford


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