The other day while finishing this blog I was talking with my girlfriend about some of the statistics of human trafficking and began to feel the entire weight of this issue. This realization has changed the entire way I view this tour for more than one reason, allow me to explain:

               At first I realized that the reason I’m doing this has nothing to do with my love of cycling, or my desire for adventure, yet the reason all of this matters is to be blessed with the opportunity to join in on the mission of freeing millions of people around the world who are in captivity. In the past two weeks this cause has broken my heart in so many ways and has given me so much hope, excitement and uninterrupted joy to work hard to fight for renewal.

     Also this realization has changed the way I look at fundraising. I’m sure anyone who has ever had to raise funds to do anything has been weary to ask for money from others. Often our own pride makes this endeavor a fairly awkward one and I’m no exception to that rule, yet I realized the other day that none of the money I raise is for me. Not one penny is alloted for my own success or selfish reasons, and the cause that I’m raising funds for is a just and worthy one. I know that I will stand amazed at the end of this to see the ways in which I’m provided for, but more importantly I know that I will be amazed and full of praise for the ways in which these funds are used to save men, women and children. 


Romans 8:21

21 that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God




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